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            12 Weken

Trainen als een bokser

This program is for people who’ve never worn a boxing glove, up to the more advanced boxers. The 10-week program Is built up based on your boxing experience and personal objectives. Whether it’s losing weight, building up muscle mass or simply learning how to box, we feel it’s our duty to help you achieve your objective!

•    Personal training
•    Nutrition advice
•    Measured results
•    24/7 Whats app
•    Achieve te boxing basics
•    Reach uour short term goals

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During the PTBoxing programs you use boxing techniques and possibly strength training. The content of the program depends entirely on your objective. You will receive personal training twice a week. First, we will talk to you to find out exactly what you want to change or learn. Based on your goals, the program is drawn up in which we see it as a challenge to let you box as well as possible in addition to achieving your goals. During the weeks you work on your body and build up a top condition. Each workout will challenge you physically and mentally. You learn different techniques every training and work on new habits. Through a very varied program, PTBoxing strives for training sessions that you enjoy going to. The best training schedule is the one you can maintain.

What to expect


  1. Remarkable fat loss within 14 days

  2. More energy and vitality Better sleep patterns

  3. New habits Improved reflexes, punching power and balance

  4. Measurable fitness improvement

  5. After 12 weeks you will look slimmer and more confident in the mirror

Most of our new clients haven't been active for a decade and lead unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore, you needn't be concerned about being surrounded only by super fit individuals when you join us. Everyone is welcome to participate, and we can assist anyone. 

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