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            12 Weeks

Training like a boxer

This program is for everyone who is dedicated to achieving their objectives; for people who’ve never worn a boxing glove, up to the more advanced boxers. The 12-week program is built up based on your boxing experience and personal objectives. Whether it’s losing weight, building up muscle mass or learning how to box, we feel it’s our duty to help you achieve your goal!

•    Personal training
•    Nutrition advice
•    Measurable results
•    Allways reachable 9:00-23:00
•    24/7 Whats app
•    Learn the fundamentals
•    Reach your short term goal!

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During the PTBoxing programs, you will utilize boxing techniques and strength training. Based on your goals, the program is developed, and we consider it a challenge not only to help you achieve your goals but also to improve your boxing skills as much as possible. Throughout the weeks, you will work on your body and build top-notch fitness. Each session will physically and mentally challenge you. Every training introduces different techniques, allowing you to develop new habits. With a highly varied program, PTBoxing aims to make your workouts enjoyable. The best training schedule is the one you can sustain.


What to expect

  1. Opmerkelijk vetverlies binnen 14 dagen

  2. Meer energie en levenskracht

  3. Betere slaappatronen

  4. Nieuwe gewoontes

  5. Verbeterde reflexen, stootkracht en balans

  6. Meetbare condititieverbetering

  7. Na 12 weken zal je slanker en zelfverzekerder terugkijken in de spiegel

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