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Personal Boxing

Are you motivated? Ready for your transformation? Had enough of conventional fitnessprograms? Meet your personal boxing coach.


Meet our professional boxing coaches


Enrico La Cruz

II represented the Netherlands at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. In addition, I won bronze at the European Championships twice.


I am currently a professional boxer and preparing to qualify for the next Olympics.


During my PTBoxing sessions I focus on technique and the sports experience. Transferring my passion for boxing, but there is also room for a joke.



Colin Kwabena  

My name is Colin Kwabena, and I am the current A-class champion of the Netherlands. As a boxer, I am still in the prime of my career. I have been boxing for over 10 years and recently won the Dutch A-class championship title.


Since 2023, I have been working at PT Boxing as a Personal Trainer, and I am excited to help you achieve your goals through individual training sessions.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced boxer. young or old, I look forward to achieve for the best results together!



Jessy Frempong  

I studied sports marketing and management at the Hoge Economische School. I fought on a professional MMA-level for 5 years!


My love for boxing started the day I first saw “Rocky Balboa” in the 90s. Since that time, boxing never left me.

The ultimate challenge
for me is to be able to transfer the knowledge and experience I’ve built up as a former pro fighter to others and to make sure that they acquire more physical fitness, self-confidence and a positive outlook on life.



Hunter Muller 

I got my fitness instructor papers. In addition, I have been involved in sports and health for 15 years.


I've been a competitive fighter and because of this I know what it feels like to be in the ring. At the moment I think it's wonderful to pass on my knowledge about boxing and strength training.


People with a lot or little experience, it is my passion to take you to another level. Paying attention to the smallest details is something that makes all the difference in my workouts.



Naresh Ramnathsing

I am an NSCA certified personal trainer and have gained experience as a competitive boxer. I enjoy working with my clients because it gives me satisfaction once I see the physical and mental progression.

During my training I always focus on the client's personal goals and work from there.

Boxing is the ultimate challenge for me, it is both physically and mentally challenging and anyone can do it. Every age and every entry level is welcome with us.



I became a coach for many reasons: sharing my passion for boxing, weight training, living a healthy and active life and guiding others in reaching their goals in a fun way.
I’ve been involved in weight training and boxing for about eight years now. I have a bachelor in sports management and entrepreneurship and I’m a licensed sports nutritionist and fitness trainer. During my studies I was the Dutch national boxing champion and I love using boxing
and weight training as a means to help people achieve their personal goals in a smart and
fun way. 


PTBoxing offers a highly varied program which aims to provide trainings you’d love to attend.
The best training schedule is the schedule that you can follow through! My aim is to inspire,
motivate and encourage others not to stop until they’re satisfied.


Waarom PTBoxing

The combination of boxing and strength training. Experience the best of both worlds. You determine your objective, we choose the right tools. 

Enter at any level. No experience or fitness needed!

Feel Alive

 Dominic:“It’s a unique experience to be trained by a former Dutch national boxing champion.PTBoxing brings out the animal in me. He offers a complete training which has me leavingthe gym totally satisfied each time.”

Eva:” As a couple, it’s really good to have a personal trainer who lets you perform
simultaneous exercises and lets you build up your fitness together. This way you learn from
each other, plus it’s nice to know you’re not the only one who’s totally worn out at the end of
the session. PTBoxing has helped me exceed my own standards and I feel better and fitter
after each session.”

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