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Our services

Personal training

One-on-one guidance in working on your physical and mental goals. Together we draw up a personal realistic step-by-step plan. It's now a matter of doing it! Intensive personal guidance.

Duo training

During duo training we work with two participants. It is motivating to work together on your goals. That extra bit of experience and fun can make all the difference for you. 

Small group training

The small group training sessions are for a maximum of four people. By working in small groups, there is a lot of experience during the training and participants are motivated to get the best out of themselves and each other. These sessions are very suitable for anyone who wants to work on strength, condition and boxing techniques

Corporate training

For companies that want to invest in the health of their employees and thus the productivity and atmosphere on the work floor. max 14 employees At PTBoxing (westerdoksdijk 525) or at your company Preventing or curing burnout complaints. improve posture creating a pleasant working atmosphere through team building. In short, to ensure that employees become and remain healthy, both mentally and physically.


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