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Train as a boxer

Our memberships are for everyone, whether you've never worn boxing gloves or if you're a more advanced boxer. The program is tailored based on your boxing experience and personal goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build fitness, or learn to box, we see it as our duty to help you achieve your objectives together!

• Personal training

• Nutritional advice

• Measurable results

• Easily accessible from 9:00-23:00

• Master basic techniques

• Achieve your short-term goals

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During the PTBoxing programs, you will utilize boxing techniques and strength training. Based on your goals, the program is developed, and we consider it a challenge not only to help you achieve your goals but also to improve your boxing skills as much as possible. Throughout the weeks, you will work on your body and build top-notch fitness. Each session will physically and mentally challenge you. Every training introduces different techniques, allowing you to develop new habits. With a highly varied program, PTBoxing aims to make your workouts enjoyable. The best training schedule is the one you can sustain.


What to expect

  1. Improved physical condition: Boxing is an intense sport that helps enhance your overall physical fitness. It strengthens your muscles, increases endurance, and improves cardiovascular health.

  2. Self-defense: Boxing teaches you self-defense techniques and skills, enabling you to better protect yourself if the need ever arises.

  3. Stress reduction: Boxing is an excellent way to reduce stress and tension. It allows you to blow off steam and release tension in a healthy manner.

  4. Enhanced coordination: Boxing requires good eye-hand coordination and body awareness. It can improve your reaction time and overall coordination.

  5. Increase in self-confidence: As your skills and fitness improve, your self-confidence will grow. This can be beneficial not only in the sport but also in other aspects of your life.

  6. Mental discipline: Boxing requires mental discipline and concentration. It can help you develop focus and perseverance, which is useful in both sports and daily situations.

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